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2018 Crochet Pattern Review

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As each year comes to a close, I like to take a few moments to look back at all the things I’ve crocheted. Having a Ravelry Page is such a great way to remember all my favorite projects!

Somehow, amidst the holiday chaos of December, I always feel that I haven’t crocheted much at all. (I think it’s because I start having more and more UFOs! (UnFinished Objects!) But looking at my Ravelry Designer page, I see that I have published at least 36 designs in 2018! (And I have a few more scheduled for early January, too!)

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Here are all my crochet patterns of 2018:

Linda’s Easy Chemo Cap (Paid)

One of the most meaningful projects I made this year was this crochet chemo cap pattern. It’s named for my Grandma Linda, who is a breast cancer survivor. I am SO honored that over 2,000 of you pledged to donate one- my grandma was so proud to have inspired it, too. Thank you for your donations! I know they are SO important to those affected by cancer.

From now until Jan 2, 2019, get Linda’s Easy Chemo Cap Pattern for FREE on Ravelry!

Chevron Puff Newborn Hat

Find the Free Chevron Puff Hat Pattern at!

This gorgeous crochet hat was a pattern I designed to help promote donations to Little Hats Big Hearts. I really enjoy crocheting for this charity! In fact, I also posted a roundup post of my favorite crochet hats for newborns to donate for charity.

Clamshell Lace Corset Belt

Find the free Clamshell Lace Corset Belt Pattern at!

This fun boho belt was designed for the 2018 Make it for Me project. I’m participating again this year, so keep an eye out for my design!

Bias Ribbed Baby Hat

Find this easy and free crochet pattern at!

This is another super simple crochet hat. It’s the perfect hat for donations to charity, as it is full of texture and interest, but only requires very basic stitching.

XO Textured Toque

This cute hat has a baby, child and adult size. I love the slip stitch ribbed brim, too!

Fur Trimmed Boot Cuffs

These winter boot cuffs were my favorite (and only!) winter accessory this year. We went to visit Illinois and they kept my legs warm in -17 degree weather !! I still sorely missed my old snow boots though.

Chunky Cabled Heart Earwarmer

This cute earwarmer was made to match my Chunky Cabled Heart Hat, which is free on the blog in toddler size. My daughter wore the matching hat to Illinois with me, and I took new photos of it while she played in the snow.

Isn’t she so cute??

Tide Lines Scarf

This awesome scarf was made just for my son. I actually crocheted this entire scarf in the time it took us to fly from Florida to Illinois, so it’s a very quick project!

Medalist Hat

I fell in love with the US Snowboarder Chloe Kim while watching the winter Olympics, and NEEDED this cute hat.

Chunky Clamshell Lace Poncho

Quick Crochet Poncho Free Pattern

This poncho was a fun project, too! Sometimes, I buy a ton of yarn then forget what I “needed” it for. This gorgeous poncho was the result of one such excursion to Michaels.

Fringe Clutch Purse

This cute purse was a gift for my daughter, just because. It’s such a fun, funky piece, isn’t it? There’s also a full tutorial for cutting and attaching even fringe that doesn’t need trimming afterwards.

Salt Grass Beach Hat

This easy crochet sun hat pattern has been a huge hit! It really reminds me of the beach we used to visit in Topsail Island.

Sunrise Sky mesh Cowl

This is another fun color changing yarn project! I really like how this one came out,  and it’s a nice pop of color for my outfits. You won’t believe how incredibly simple this scrap busting project is.

First Blooms Beanie

I’ll be totally honest- this hat really was made for this photoshoot. I had as much fun photographing the hat as I did crocheting it!

Venus Shell Slouch Hat

The Venus Shell set has been one of my most popular sets! I think part of the reason it’s so popular is that it just made me feel so beautiful. You can really tell on camera!

Venus Shell Infinity Scarf

Even the scarf makes me look so glamorous! I really wish I could make more crochet cowl patterns like this to wear. (Hint! Hint!)

Mojito Mesh Bandana Cowl

This mesh cowl uses a fun crochet mesh stitch in a triangle pattern then joins it in the round to make an infinity scarf pattern with a point. AND it only uses one skein of yarn. YES!

Pentagonal Mesh Market Tote

I loved that mesh stitch pattern so much that I wanted to use it for everything. It didn’t work out so well as a washcloth. (I dunno why I tried, haha!) But look how pretty it is as a bag!

Color Blocked Market Bag

My daughter asked for one, too. I can’t say no to that girl!

Easy Americana Vest

This cute vest is adorable but incredibly simple to make. It’s just 3 rectangles seamed together to form a vest!

Diamond Lattice Summer Scarf

This is another project that uses scrap yarn and a favorite stitch pattern. You’ll recognize its sister design in a moment!

Bonnaroo Boho Bag (Paid)

This cute little bag was my first Crochet Along! I really enjoyed hosting it and getting to know so many of you in the Salty Pearl Crochet Circle. The pattern is still available for purchase on Ravelry here.

Diamond Lattice Kimono Cardigan

This gorgeous stitch  combined with one of my absolute favorite yarns makes for a really stunning lightweight poncho. I love adding it to different outfits to give them  just a bit more of a boho flair. It’s light, but warm, and helps me feel amazing. What more could you ask for in a free crochet pattern?

Mermaid Tears Shawl

This crochet shawl pattern was a HUGE milestone for me- I ranked #1 on the Ravelry Hot Right Now list for a full day with it! Yay! Thank you to each of you who gave it a Favorite on Ravelry, it means the world to me!

Mermaid Tears Beanie

I got a lot of requests for matching hats, so I turned the Mermaid Tears stitch pattern into this awesome beanie. The slip stitch brim takes a while to crochet, but it’s OH so worth it.

Mermaid Tears Cowl

Can you tell I enjoy variations on a theme? This cowl could be made in the same yarn to match the beanie with a few stitches added. (The stitch repeat is 6!)

Service Dress Blanket

I made this crocheted blanket lapghan to donate to the Veteran’s Hospital local to me. I made it look like the Marine Corps dress blues, but it could be easily modified to honor your loved one’s branch of military, police, or fire service, too.

Easy Boho Chevron Purse

My daughter saw a purse in a store that she LOVED, so I made this to match. She liked it so much that we ended up with several! It’s a great scrap busting project, and I bet it’d adapt well to different sizes, too.

Twisted Boho Headwrap

One of my new year’s resolutions was to learn to Tunisian crochet. This headband was the result! I love how it came out, and I’m planning to try a few more tunisian crochet projects- though I bet they’ll all be small since I’m fairly slow at it!

Iced Chai Tee Cardigan (Sz Lg is free, fully sized pattern is paid)

This cardigan was my first crochet garment design with sizing. I really enjoyed it, but I think for my sanity, I’ll probably stick to loose garments for now! 🙂 Kimonos are SO much easier to adjust, and as much as I admire intricate designs, if I’m honest with myself, the simple patterns are always my favorites.

Chic Suede Fringed Triangle Scarf

This scarf was a wonderful one skein project. I am a pack rat by nature, so I can’t stand projects that use half  a skein of yarn- it’s so hard to get rid of the tiny scrap balls that are left over! This pattern is designed so that you can use up every scrap in the fringe, and throw out less than a foot of yarn in the end. Plus, it’s cute!

Easy Cinched Crochet Ear Warmer

This pattern is SO easy to make, it’s perfect for a beginner. I really love how the chain wrap detail makes it look finished. Plus, NO ENDS to weave in! Just knot and done. There’s also a crochet ear warmer size chart available.

Cabin on the Beach Afghan Square

I had such a great time working on this project! I rarely use color work, but I LOVE how this came out! I have plans to make a full afghan in this style next year, but we’ll see how long it takes me! (I get distracted by long drawn out… squirrel!)

Sand Dollar Afghan Square

This afghan block was designed to look like a sand dollar in the center.

Sugar Sand Afghan Block

Here’s another crochet afghan square pattern I designed. This one is short, sweet, and full of texture. I enjoyed it a lot!

Silver Beach Beanie

A Silver Mens Crochet Beanie Pattern Free

My final hat pattern of the year was this adorable crochet beanie pattern for men. I really like textured crochet hat patterns for men, don’t you? (But of course, I would totally wear this in a more feminine color! I love star stitches.)

Let's crochet together!

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