Proverbs 31:13 – She seeks wool and flax, and works willingly with her hands.

My name is Katie Clary, the author and designer of Salty Pearl Crochet. I am a wife to a wonderful husband whose military service allows our family to live on some of the world’s most beautiful shores- most recently Tampa Bay. My two exuberant children are the reason I get up (too early) in the morning, and my rambunctious Border Collie is my personal trainer. I am a crochet artist who seeks out all things ‘wool’ and yarn related, working with my hands to craft seaside crochet treasures to share with you.

For me, crochet provides a creative outlet I use to bless my home, my loved ones, and each and every one of my customers. Handmade gifts serve as vessels to carry our love across the boundaries of time and space. When we work with our hands, we hold the power to transform something as simple as yarn into beauty, warmth, and comfort.

I look forward to sharing this warmth with you along your own journey as we create something beautiful together.

Warm Wishes,