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One of my absolute favorite crochet trends right now has to be the crochet kimono cardigan. I am a big fan of bohemian fashion and boho crochet patterns, and a flowy kimono makes such an elegant addition to any outfit! In fact, since making this crochet kimono cardigan pattern, I’ve worn it to the movies for date night, to the beach as a coverup, and even to church on Sunday.

This kimono feels so light and airy that I’m comfortable wearing it everywhere, even in the Florida summer heat. But, if you’re warmer blooded than me, you might prefer to try the Diamond Lattice Summer Scarf, that uses the same yarn and stitch  pattern for a skinny lace scarf.

The diamond lattice stitch pattern I used works up quickly and easily,  but it can be tricky at first… especially with the beautiful halo on the Lion Brand Shawl in a Ball yarn! I highly recommend making up a swatch first to learn the stitch. You can make a mesh dishcloth in cotton yarn to get the feel for it with my Diamond Lattice Stitch Tutorial located HERE.

For visual learners, I have created a stitch chart and schematics to help you out. Those are available when you purchase the ad-free, portable PDF copy here on Ravelry.

Let’s get started crocheting!


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2 Balls Lion Brand Shawl in a Ball Yarn, Feng Shui Grey. (5.3 oz, 481 yd, Worsted Weight (4) yarn, 58% cotton, 39% acrylic, 3% other fiber.)

K/10 6.5mm Crochet Hook – try a Furls Streamline! They’re SO light and smooth.


Yarn Needle

A Quick Tip for Finding the Best Deal for Lion Brand Shawl in a Ball Yarn

Most often, the Lion Brand Yarn Website has the best yarn prices for their yarns. When I want a specific color, I go through them.

Sometimes, though, I’m indecisive, or just want to do some retail therapy and get something nice at a great deal.

So, I’m going to let you in on a few of my favorite tips for finding Lion Brand Shawl in a Ball Yarn at great prices.

Check for coupons at your favorite store, first! (Michael’s is one of my favorite yarn shops!) I’ve gotten some killer deals that way!

Pro tip: Sometimes, Amazon sellers put yarn on Clearance at fantastic steals!

Click here to view Lion Brand Shawl in a Ball on Amazon, and add it to your shopping cart.Then, simply click the “save for later” option in your shopping cart and you can keep track of the pricing until you’re ready to buy (or you find a great sale)! Different colors go on sale at different times on Amazon, so I like to pick my two or three favorites and watch for a week or so.

You can even set up your Amazon account to notify you of price changes by email. I never miss a sale that way! I managed to score 4 balls of Shawl in a Ball for 40% off retail price AND with free Prime shipping! (Are you a Prime member? If not, click here to try!) Woohoo!

Anyway, back to our regularly scheduled crocheting!


Ch- chain, Dc- double crochet, Dc2Tog- double crochet 2 together, DcTrTog- double crochet treble together, Sc- single crochet, Sk- skip, St- stitch

Special Stitches

Dc2Tog- double crochet 2 together: Yarn over, insert hook into first stitch indicated, pull up loop, yarn over pull through 2 loops (first leg complete); yarn over, insert hook into next stitch indicated, pull up loop, yarn over, pull through 2 loops, yarn over and pull through all loops to complete stitch.

DcTrTog- double crochet treble together: Yarn over, insert hook in first stitch indicated, pull up loop, yarn over, pull through 2 loops; yarn over twice, insert hook in next stitch indicated, pull up loop, yarn over and pull through 2 loops twice, yarn over, pull through all 3 loops, stitch complete.

Gauge / Finished Size

3 repeats and 6 rows stitches per 4”

Each panel measures 48” wide by 18.5” tall (after light blocking, fringe excluded).

Gauge is not critical to this project, as it’s an oversized fit, but it will affect your finished size and yardage requirements.


Worked in two flat rectangular panels, seamed together.

Turning chains do not count as a stitch unless otherwise noted.

Diamond Lattice Crochet Kimono Pattern

Make two panels.

Ch 146.

Row 1: Sc in second ch. *Ch 2, place first leg of  dc2tog in same ch as sc, sk 3 ch, place second leg into the 4th ch; ch 2, sc in same ch as second leg.* Repeat from * to *across, turn.

Row 2: Ch 4, dc in next dc2tog (counts as dctrtog), ch 2, sc in same st. *Ch 2, place first leg of dc2tog in same st, place second leg in next dc2tog, ch 2, sc in same st.* Repeat from * to * across until last dc2tog, ch 2, dctrtog in same st and sc of previous row, turn.

Row 3: Ch 1, sc in dctrtog, *ch 2, dc2tog in same st and next dc2tog, ch 2, sc in same dc2tog st.* Repeat from * to * across, ending with a sc in the final dctrtog, turn.

Rows 4-28: Repeat Rows 2 and 3, ending after a Row 2 repeat.

Row 29: Ch 1, sc in first st. *Ch 3, sc in next dc2tog.* Repeat from * to * until you reach the final dc2tog, ch 3, sc in last st. Break yarn and weave in ends.


  • Place panels together with right sides touching. Along the long edges, use your stitch marker to mark 15 repeats from one side (approximately 20”).
  • If you wish to crochet the join,  attach yarn with a slip stitch to the corner. Crochet a moss stitch along the edge to seam (Sc, *ch 1, sk 1, sc*, repeat * to *).
  • If you prefer to sew your seams, use mattress stitch or seam method of your choice to sew the edges together until you reach your stitch marker.

Cut 180 lengths of fringe measuring 15” long. Use a Lark’s Head Knot to attach the fringe in groups of 6 strands evenly across the front panels of the kimono. There will be 15 per panel, and you can easily space them by attaching through every sc along the edge.

Thank you so much for supporting Salty Pearl Crochet! Please let me know if you have any questions or would like additional information about the pattern. I love seeing your creations on Ravelry or Instagram (#SaltyPearlCrochet), and I am always happy to offer pattern support for all of my crochet patterns as written.

You are more than welcome to sell any finished items made from this pattern. Please use your own photos and credit Katie Clary as the designer. Links back to my blog post are greatly appreciated! Please feel free to share this pattern by directing others to this blog post or the Ravelry listing, NOT by distributing the pattern or photos as your own.

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Let's crochet together!

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  1. This is stunning!

    1. Katie says:

      Thank you so much, Christa! I really appreciate it!

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  3. […] Diamond Lattice Crochet Kimono by Salty Pearl Crochet (Free Crochet Pattern) […]

  4. Courtney says:

    Another lovely design!

    1. Katie says:

      Thanks so much, Courtney! This one is a new favorite.

  5. This is just lovely! I cannot wait to get my hands on the shawl in a ball, I just haven’t had time, but this might convince me otherwise =]

  6. […] 2. Diamond Lattice Crochet Kimono Pattern from Salty Pearl Crochet – A light and airy kimono from dress and casual … FREE crochet pattern! […]

  7. Debbie C. says:

    This is beautiful!! I love drapey, lacy items in varied colorways.
    A side note: I was in Walmart yesterday & found LB Shawl in a Ball for $5.97 (regular price) per skein…..and on the clearance rack, some shades were $2.50 per skein. When Walmart does a price drop, you can find it for $4.97 per skein. Bear in mind that these prices might vary somewhat from store/location to store/location.

    1. Katie says:

      Ooh great tip, Debbie!
      You are so fortunate your Walmart has such a great yarn selection! Ours did finally pick up just a few skeins of Comfy Cotton Blend (that of COURSE came home with me immediately!) but I haven’t ever seen Shawl in a Ball. I will maybe have to go roving to find a bigger Walmart next time I’m yarn shopping!

      Thanks for the lovely comment about the kimono! So glad you love it, too!

      1. Debbie C. says:

        Check out I see there are several vendors with a wide variety of prices per skein, so you will have to do a bit of searching for the best price. But what I was hoping to see & did find, is that you can order the yarn, have it shipped directly to the store for free & they will notify you when it arrives so you can pick it up. It generally takes from 2 to 5 days to arrive. I’ve used this service for other things several times & it is a $$ saver on the shipping for one thing. And a fuel saver for another thing. The closest Walmart to me is a 30 mile round trip (next closest, 50 mile RT)……with gasoline prices inching up, a few minutes online is worth it when I can make one trip & pick up exactly what I need.

  8. Thanks for sharing this terrific pattern and your $-saving tips. With some minor tweaks (a bit longer and slightly narrower), this would also make a stunning ruana in LB Ohm Opal!!

    Craftsy has some good sales too. Most of my SiaB stash was purchased at 40-60% off from Craftsy 🙂 I keep my favorite colors in the cart, wait until the price is right then complete my purchase 😉

    1. Katie says:

      So glad to hear you like it! And thanks for the tip on Craftsy, too! I have used them in the past and was very happy! Never thought to keep multiple colors in cart though, good one! I will have to start doing some reviews of the yarn shops I frequent, because as a semi-pro yarn hoarder (lol) I do have quite a few tips, too!

      And YES! I would love to see it in a longer ruana! I only didn’t because I had just the two balls of the yarn at that moment. I’m planning on doing some fun fall ruana style garments soon.

      Thanks for stopping by to chat yarn! Always a pleasure. 😀

  9. Lisa says:

    I love this so much. I would like to make it with the LB mandala yarn. Its a 3 weight, so any suggestions? Thank you!

    1. Katie says:

      Hi Lisa! So glad to hear you love this as much as I do. I agree, it would look FAB in LB Mandala. My recommendation for substituting would be to go look at my Diamond Lattice Summer Scarf HERE to work up a gauge swatch. You may have to go up a hook size to get it to match, but I think that would be fine since the pattern is so lacy anyways.
      Good luck experimenting!

      1. Katie,
        I’m having a really hard time trying to figure out guage on this using the LB Mandala. I’m determined I just don’t know how to figure this out, and normally I have no trouble! Ughhhhh

        1. Hi there Lisa!
          I’m sorry to hear you’re having trouble finding gauge with the LB Mandala. Have you tried making a small swatch to measure? While I am unable to offer full support for patterns made using different yarn weights, I would guess that because the Shawl in a Ball is fairly thin for a Worsted weight, you may be able to simply sub the yarn with the same hook size. Alternately, if you have plenty of extra yarn on hand, you could just work to measurements- I believe your starting chain will be a multiple of 6 + 1 for the final sc, + 1 turning chain.

          Hope that helps, good luck experimenting!

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