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Two Tone Mesh Crochet Market Bag Pattern

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Two little skeins of cotton is all it takes to make this gorgeous oversized crochet Two Tone mesh market bag! You’ll love the simple, soothing stitching, and the versatility of the mesh. Perfect for the beach or farmer’s market!

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My daughter actually inspired the design of this bag. I was grocery shopping at WalMart, and some cotton yarn just happened to sneak into my cart. (If I let her pick it, it doesn’t count as cheating on my yarn diet, right?)

Of course, I intended to make more stitch tutorials and washcloth patterns with this yarn. But when your child asks you for something, it’s really hard to say no!

So, of course, I made her a bag with it! And she LOVED it! But it was too big! Ha. I’ll make her a new one someday, and we’ll use this one on beach or park trips in the meantime.

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2 Skeins Peaches & Creme 4/Worsted 100% Cotton 2.5oz/120yds. (1 Bright Pink, 1Black Currant.)

K 6.5mm Crochet Hook

Yarn needles


Stitch markers, if desired


Ch- chain

Dc- double crochet

M- mesh

Sk- skip

Sp- space

St- stitch

Tbl- through back loop.

Special Stitches

Mesh- (Dc, ch 3, dc) into same chain space.

Gauge / Finished Size

5 rows and 12 dc per 4”. Finished bag measures 10” diameter at base,  13” tall from base (excluding handle), 18” across widest point.


Bag is worked in joined rounds. Do not turn after each round. Handle continues in rows, and is slip stitched to opposite side of bag.

Throughout pattern, the turning ch2 does NOT count as a stitch, but ch sp and dc DO count as sts.

Two Tone Mesh Market Bag Instructions

Round Base of Bag

Begin with the base color.

Round 1: In magic loop, ch 2, and make 12 dc, sl to join. [12 dc]

Round 2: Ch 2, (dc, ch 1) in each st around, sl to join. [12 dc, 12 ch sp]

Round 3: Ch 2, *2dc in dc, dc in ch sp*, repeat * to * around, sl to join. [36 dc]

Round 4: Ch 2, *dc, ch 1, sk 1 st,( dc, ch 1) in next st, * repeat * to *, sl to join. [24 dc, 24 ch sp]

Round 5: Ch 2, *2dc in dc, dc in next 3 sts,* repeat * to *, sl to join. [60 dc]

Round 6: Ch 2, *dc & ch 1 in dc, (dc in next, ch 1, sk 1 st)2x,* repeat * to *, sl to join. [36 dc, 36 ch sp]

Round 7: Ch 2, *2dc in dc, dc in next 5 sts* repeat * to*, sl to join. [84 dc]

Begin Sides of Bag

Round 8: Ch 2, working tbl, dc in each st around. [84 dc]

Round 9: Ch 2, *dc, ch 3, dc in next st, sk 1,* repeat * to *, sl to join. [28 mesh rpts]

Round 10: Sl to chsp, ch 2, m in each ch sp around, sl to join. [28 mesh rpts] (See Special Stitches to define the m/mesh stitch)

Rounds 11-14: Repeat round 10.

Switch to handle color.

Rounds 15-22: Repeat round 10.

Round 23: Ch 2, *dc in dc, sc  in ch sp, dc in dc,* repeat * to *, sl to join. [84 sts (56 dc, 28 sc)]

Crochet the Handle

Row 1: Ch 2, dc 6. [6 dc]

Row 2: Ch 2, turn, dc 6. [6 dc]

Row 3-20: Repeat row 2.

Row 21: (wrong side) Use your stitch markers to mark the 36th st from the first row of both sides of the handle on base of bag. Hold right side of handle to right side of bag in the 6 stitches between markers, and slip stitch together across all 6 sts.


Break yarn and weave in ends.


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  3. Germaine Nelson says:

    I can’t wait to make this bag. I love it.

    1. Thank you so much! Glad you loved it, too! Happy crocheting!

  4. Jennifer says:

    Love the look of the Two Tone Mesh Bag but I can’t get by the quoted rounds below…any ideas?

    Question about Round 3 (ending with 36 DC) to Round 4 (ending with 24 DC and 24 CH sp).
    I cannot seem to get 24 but ends with 18 DC.

    Can you possible give another explanation or maybe I am not doing something right. Have there been any corrections or updates to this pattern.

    Thank you

    1. Katie says:

      Hi there, Jennifer!
      This bag is a bit tricky at first, because you are using some chains as increase stitches. Look again closely at the pattern text, there are some places where you will see a chain worked without an accompanying skip instruction. If you are reaching 18 dc for your round 4 count, that means you aren’t increasing, because 18dc+18ch=36 st.

      I hope that helps clear it up! Good luck crocheting!

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