Crochet Beach Hat Free Pattern – the Salt Grass Hat

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If you’ve ever visited Topsail Island, or any number of beaches in Coastal North Carolina, you’ll have seen the beautiful sea oats and grasses that protect the sand dunes there. Walking alongside the dunes and the beach grass always take me back to my “honeymoon” period with my husband, when we lived right on the beach. This stunning crochet beach hat isn’t made from real sea grass, but raffia yarn. Perfect for beach accessories, this feather light yarn is so fun to experiment with!

The Salt Grass Hat uses airy stitches to help shade while maintaining the light, airy feel you’ll want on the beach! This gorgeous hat makes the perfect finishing touch for beach combing, strolling, or whatever manner of summertime adventures your heart desires.

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US K 10.5mm Crochet Hook

2 Balls Premier Yarn Raffia Solids, in Sterling, weight, materials in percentages, 190 yards/meters and oz/g, raffia yarn.


Yarn Needle

2 yards of millinery wire for the brim

1 brass joiner

Pliers for Closing Joiner


Ch- chain, Dc – double crochet, Flo- front loop only, Lp – loopSc- single crochet, Sk – skip, Sl- slip, St(s)- Stitch(es), Sp-space


Special Stitches

CS (Closed Shell): 5Dc in same st or sp.

OS (Open Shell): (Dc, ch 1, Dc, ch 1, Dc) in same st or sp.

Crab stitch: also known as Reverse single crochet. Insert your hook in the stitch to the right. YO, pull up lp, YO pull through both lps. Crab stitch made.

V Stitch: (Dc, ch1, Dc) into same st or sp.

Gauge / Finished Size

Your first two rounds should measure 3” diameter.

Hat fits a women’s M/L, or 21-22” head circumference.

Brim is 6” deep, and has just around 60” in circumference.


  • Hat is worked from the top down.  In final round of brim, millinery wire is attached by stitching around it.  
  • Beginning chain does not count as a stitch unless otherwise indicated.
  • When joining your rounds, work into a stitch, and not a turning chain.

Salt Grass Hat Pattern

Begin at the Crown of the Hat:

Row 1: in Magic Ring, Dc 12. Sl to join.[12 Dc]

Row 2: Ch 2, 2 Dc in each st around. [24 Dc]

Row 3: Ch 2, *V st, sk 1* repeat from * to * around. Sl to join [12 V sts]

Row 4: Sl 1 into first ch sp. Ch 2, *V st in ch sp, ch 1.* Repeat from * to * around. Sl to first leg of V st to join. [12 V sts, separated by 12 ch-1 sps]

Row 5: Ch 2, sk 1 Dc. *CS in ch sp, sk 3, OS in next ch sp.* Continue around, sl to join. [6 CS, 6 OS]


Continue with the Sides of the Hat:

Round 6: Ch 2, sk 2. *OS into center of the previous round’s CS, sk 4, CS into center of previous round’s OS.* repeat * to * Sl to join in first Dc. [6 OS, 6 CS]

Round 7: Ch 2, sk 2. *CS, sk 4, OS.* Repeat * to *. Sl to join

Rounds 8-9: Repeat Rounds 6-7.

Round 10: Working in flo, Ch 1, and Sc  in each stitch around. Sl to join. [60 Sc]


Crochet the Hat Brim Next:

Round 11: Ch 2, *2 Dc in first st, Dc in next 4 sts.* repeat * to * Sl to join.  [72 Dc]

Round 12: Ch 2, Dc into next 3 sts, *2 Dc into next st, Dc next 5 sts.* Repeat  * to * 10 more times, place 2Dc in next st, and Dc in the remaining 3 sts, slip to join. [84 Dc]

Round 13: Ch 2, *2 Dc, Dc 6.* Repeat * to * around, Sl to join. [96 Dc]

Round 14: Ch 2, Dc 4. *2 Dc, Dc 7.* Repeat * to * 10 more times, place 2 Dc in the next st, and Dc in last 3 sts. Sl to join. [108]

Round 15: Ch 2, *2 Dc, Dc 8* Sl to join. [120]

Round 16: Ch 1, Sc 10, 2Sc in next st. *Sc 19, 2Sc.* Repeat * to * around, and Sc in last 9 sts. Sl to join. [126]

Round 17: Ch 1, *Sc 20, 2 Sc.* Sl to join. [132]

Round 18: Ch 1, Sc 11, 2 Sc in next st. *Sc 21, 2 Sc.* Continue around, Sc in last 10 sts. Sl to join. [138]

Round 19: Ch 1, *Sc 22, 2Sc.* Sl to join. [144]

Round 20: Ch 1, Sc 12, 2 Sc in next st. *Sc 23, 2 Sc.* Continue around, Sc in last 11 sts. Sl to join. [150]

Round 21: Ch 1, *Sc 24, 2 Sc.* Sl to join. [156]


Edging the Brim:

Row 22: Ch 1. Crab st around the millinery wire to attach it to the brim. When you are about 6-12 sts from the end, trim your millinery wire with wire cutters, and clamp it shut with pliers, then finish the row. [156]


Break yarn and weave in all loose ends.


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  1. Tracy King says:

    Both pretty and practical = perfect! Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. Joann Phillips says:

    I’m taking it as a sign that I have to make one of these hats, simply because Topsail Beach, NC is where I wish I could live the rest of my life!!!! (Even though I love all of NC, especially the coast!) Thanks ever so much for the pattern!

    1. Katie says:

      You’re welcome, Joann! I sure wouldn’t mind living on Topsail either! It really is a paradise. Hope you have fun crocheting this hat! I know I did! -Katie

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  4. Nadine says:

    Where can I find raffia yarn?

    1. Katie says:

      Hi, Nadine! I usually buy mine from Amazon.com. Here’s an affiliate link for the one I used in black: https://amzn.to/2GoPhcx. I did find some in Hobby Lobby once, but we don’t live near one anymore, so I couldn’t say if they still carry it. Hope that helps!

  5. kay Mathis says:

    Hi in row 5 you state to make *CS in first chain and OS in next chain* repeat around at the end we would have 6 CS and 6 OS however there are 12 VS and 12 chain 1 from row 4 so should there not be a step to skip the chain 1 in there?

    1. Katie says:

      Hi Kay! I know I caught you on Facebook earlier, but for the benefit of everyone else reading, yes! I have updated to add a sk 3 in the middle of row 5. (Clear your browser cache if you are having problems with row 5.) For some reason my brain decided that only the V stitch chains counted as chain spaces, and I realize now that you’ve pointed it out how confusing that is. Thank you, Kay! You’re an MVP!
      <3 Katie

  6. This hat is gorgeous, Katie! It’s exactly what I’m looking for, too. 😊

    1. Katie says:

      Thanks so much, Mary! I really appreciate your sweet comment!
      <3 Katie

  7. Lisa says:

    I had a lot of fun making this hat. I do have to say that I had to order the yarn online and I just got 2 balls not paying attention to the yardage. The ones I ordered were only 87 yards. So I had to take out the last row of single crochet to have enough to finish the brim.
    I would like to make the hat portion bigger next time, it is a little snug. Other than that I love it so much. Thank you for this great pattern.

    1. Katie says:

      Hey Lisa!

      Clever save for the brim! Thanks for sharing. It’s crazy frustrating when you get yarn that’s just not quite what you’re expecting yardage wise! I had that happen to me recently with Cascade 220 Sport… which is NOT 220 yards in this weight. 😛

      Thanks for you sweet comment, and I’m so glad you like your hat! Even if it’s a little snug. (Story of my life, I have a giant head!)


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