Hey there, friends! I’m so excited to get to crochet with you. Connecting with wonderful crocheters like you and helping each other improve our skills and make wonderful pieces of art is probably my favorite part about the whole internet.

On this page, you’ll find the list of my current Crochet Along (or CAL) events. A Crochet Along is just a really fun event where crocheters come together to make the same pattern together.

To join in, you can simply visit the crochet along project page and work the project on your own. But if you want to connect with other crocheters, share your progress, or get tips and support, you’ll want to join my Crochet Circle Facebook Group.

If you need help, making a post in the Facebook group is  the fastest way to get my attention- especially if you tag me (Katie Clary, or @Salty Pearl Crochet) in the post. You might also find that the other members of the group can help you out, too. The more heads, the better!

Current Crochet Along

Clear Skies Cardigan



Past Crochet Along Events

Venus Shell Set Crochet Along

Bonnaroo Babe Boho Bag