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How to Store Yarn Cakes

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The Best Trick for Keeping Yarn Cakes from Tangling in Storage

Have you ever wondered the best way to store yarn cakes without getting them tangled? In this post, I’m sharing my favorite trick for keeping my yarn cakes from tangling using a surprising item you may already have in your house.

What is it, you ask? Pantyhose!

The nylon is stretchy enough to accommodate most yarn cakes, but not tight enough to squish them too tight to be used. You can use any old pair you have around, as even itty bitty baby pantyhose could stretch enough to fit a small yarn cake (the 4oz size).

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I like to buy the biggest sizes I can find because then I can cut them and get more uses for my money. They all cost the same! The pantyhose pictured is the waistband portion of a pair of 2T sized leggings that no longer fit my daughter (waste not, want not!) but I buy adult XL pantyhose when I need more.

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Here’s what you need to keep your yarn untangled:

  • Pantyhose, any size.
  • Scissors to cut to the desired length
  • Yarn to be stored.
  • Thread or sock yarn to tie off, if desired.

How to Store Yarn Cakes with Pantyhose:

  1. Wind your Yarn into cakes using a yarn winder.
  2. Cut a section of pantyhose a little bigger than twice as tall as your yarn cake. This will allow it to make a neat little container for your yarn cake.
    How to Store Yarn Cakes with Pantyhose
  3. Tie one end shut- you can use a knot or tie off with sock yarn as I’ve done.
    Cut pantyhose to the right length to store yarn neatly
  4. Gently stretch your pantyhose sleeve over your yarn cake.
    Keeping Yarn Cakes Neat using Pantyhose
  5. You can still work from the center of your yarn cake while it’s in the pantyhose sleeve.
    Stretch pantyhose over your yarn cakes to store them neatly
    You could theoretically use the outer strand of yarn, too, but depending on the yarn you  choose, you may get a bit of pilling on the beginning of your cake because it will be rubbing against the nylons as you use the first part of the yarn.  I would simply take the yarn cake out before using the outside strand, as it takes just a moment.

How do you store your yarn?

Did you enjoy this tip? I would love to hear if you have any better ideas for storing yarn. Let me know in the comments below, and I just might feature your method in a blog post.

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