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15 Crochet Patterns for Pets (and their people!) by Sara at Posh Pooch Designs Dog Clothes

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Let's crochet together!

Hey everyone! Today, we are getting to know Sara Sach, of Posh Pooch Designs Dog Clothes! As a dog lover myself, I have browsed through Sara’s patterns a few times! Unfortunately, my giant floofer of a Border Collie doesn’t fit into all of her designs, but I still love to look! Plus, Sara has so much more than the amazing dog clothes on her site! I know you’ll love her patterns as much as I do, but first, I’ll let her introduce herself!

Meet Sara

I am Sara Sach, Married for 37 years to the same man. I have 2 Children , and 3 Grand Children. 2 Chihuahus- Maximo and Rosie Who were the inspiration for my Business when I started it.

I am a Thyroid Cancer Survivor and going strong.

I am addicted to yarn and all things Yarnie.

I began my Business Posh Pooch Designs almost 10 years ago. It has grown from Dog Sweaters and Hats to all sorts of Fun Crochet Pattern designs.

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Interview with Sara of Posh Pooch Designs

Katie: So tell us, Sara, how did you learn to crochet? I love hearing these stories.

Sara: I was abook worm when I was in high School, lived at the Library. I happened to find a book on Crochet and Knitting. And actually taught myself at age 15.

I really wish I could find that book today.

Katie: Oh, how awesome! That would be such a neat book to have in your collection! 

Now, do you have a favorite crochet project?

Sara: My designs range from dog sweaters to ponchos so it’s really hard to decide.

But my all time Favorite is my Quillo- it’s both a blanket and a pillow, and it’s a free pattern on my blog.

Katie: That’s so clever! I love multi purpose items like that. What about your favorite yarn? Can you choose just one?

Sara: I am a Red heart Super Saver Junkie! I love it because anyone who wants to learn can afford it. Although I really love chunky yarns, too!

Katie: I am a huge fan of chunky yarn, too! (And I always keep some Super Saver in my stash.)

Now, do you like to watch tv or listen to music or audio books while you crochet?

Sara: I do not, I like the quiet. I get too easily distracted.

Katie: I can relate! What about your ideal crochet scene? Can you tell us where you love to crochet best?

Sara: I live in Colorado, and love to crochet out on my deck. It’s so peaceful to enjoy the deer, and the mountains. You can even see Pike’s peak from my deck.

Katie: Wow, Sara, thanks so much for letting us have that little peek into your crochet! It’s been so great getting to know you a bit better, but I know everyone is super excited to see some of the amazing dog (and people!) clothes you have crocheted!

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7 Crochet Patterns for Pets from Sara of Posh Pooch Designs Dog Clothes

Dog Day Cowl – Free

Can you believe how cute this is? I love it!

Star Stitch Dog Sweater – Paid

This gorgeous stitch is one of my favorites! It looks great in this cute doggy sweater.

Cocoon Dog Beds – Free

I love how simple these look! Perfect for little dogs that love to burrow, like Min Pins or Doxies! Even better, it comes in two sizes.

Lots of Ruffles Dog Sweater – Paid

Too cute! I love the ruffles.

Chunky Poof Pillow – Free

This super cute poof pillow would make such a sweet little dog bed! Perfect for spoiling your favorite pup (or kitty!)

Gingerbread Dog Sweaters – Paid

How cute are these! I love that one has a skirt. Too precious!

Winterberry Dog Sweater Dress – Paid

The adorable skirt got me again.

8 Crochet Patterns for People

Ocean Waves Swim Suit Cover

This gorgeous swim suit cover up pattern uses Red Heart It’s a Wrap. I have been meaning to try this yarn, but now I’m even more excited! The gradient is so smooth and pretty, and this specific colorway just exudes coastal cool.

Cotton Picnic Wrap

I really love cotton yarn. For warm weather, it’s just the perfect fiber! This gorgeous asymmetrical triangle shawl makes the perfect accessory for enjoying the great outdoors.

Mon Amour Lace Scarf

I love the rich colors used in this scarf! The lace pattern is a nice, easy repeat, but makes a gorgeous lace pattern.

Bobbles and Crosses Scarf

These pretty crossed stitches make a great complement to the bobbles! You can really

Ombre Pocket Scarf

I can never have enough POCKETS! This scarf is so perfect! The gorgeous ombre gradient just adds beauty to the function.

Amazing Stripes Poncho

This yarn does the heavy lifting for you! I love beautiful patterns that don’t require super complicated stitching.

Healing Shawl Wrap

This gorgeous shawl uses Lion Brand Shawl in a Ball Yarn. Again, Sara lets the beautiful yarn work magic on a pretty stitch pattern! Healing Teal is one of my favorite colorways, too.

Lady Mary’s Triangle Scarf

As a Downton Abbey fan myself, I absolutely couldn’t resist this project! This gorgeous triangle shawl has just the right mix of vintage charm and cool coral color!

Let's crochet together!

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