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11 Gifts for Crocheters That Are NOT Yarn

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Do you have crochet obsessed loved one? Then you’ll know the struggle of finding unique gift ideas for crocheters.

I know, we crocheters tend to get a bit obsessed with yarn. Okay, a LOT obsessed. We can’t help it!

But there are plenty of ideas for what to buy a crocheter besides yarn. You just have to think outside the skein.

Having trouble thinking of what those could be? Don’t worry, as a professional, card-carrying crocheter, I can help! Here are my top 11 gift ideas for crocheters!

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Photo of yarn in a box with the caption 11 gift ideas for crocheters that aren't yarn.

(Looking for some gift ideas that ARE yarn? Check out my favorite yarns for crochet here.)

Gift Ideas for Crocheters

Here are my best gift ideas for crocheters. You can click on the links and photos to be taken to the product page to shop for your favorite crocheter.

The links below are affiliate links. If you purchase through one, I may earn a commission, at no extra cost to you. Thank you for supporting Salty Pearl Crochet!

11. Clothes Steamer for Blocking Crochet Projects

Why is a Clothes Steamer a Good Gift Idea for Crocheters?

I know, it seems outrageous. But hear me out, and you’ll see that a steamer can be a fantastic gift for a crocheter.

There’s a lot more that goes into pretty crochet projects than just stitching. After a crocheted item is finished, it needs to be blocked to look its absolute best.

Steam blocking is one of the most versatile ways to get your crochet item looking great. It works on almost all yarn fibers, and it dries very quickly, making it great for last minute gifts you don’t have time to pin to dry for several days.

And one quick hint- know your audience. This might not be a great gift for every lady!

Here are my favorite choices for clothes steamers to block crochet items.

10. Cute Crochet Stitch Markers

Why Stitch Markers Make a Great Gift Idea for Crocheters

There aren’t veryΒ  many crochet projects that can be completed in one sitting. No matter how quick your crocheter may be, they’ll need to take a break at some point during that sweater or afghan project. Stitch markers are the best way to protect crochet progress!

One thing to keep in mind when choosing a crochet stitch marker is that you’ll need to choose a stitch marker that can be removed without cutting the yarn. Either an open split ring, or a clasp opening (like a safety pin, or lobster clasp) is best.

Closed ring stitch markers only work for knitting- and I bet you don’t want to hear the lecture on why crochet is NOT knitting again!

9. A Yarn Cutter Pendant

Why a Yarn Cutter Pendant is a Good Gift for Crocheters

If your favorite crocheter has kids or pets around, it can be dangerous to leave scissors out in the open. These cute pendants make a great alternative.

A yarn cutter pendant can be worn on a necklace or attached to a notions bag with a key ring, so they can always snip their yarn ends without worrying about who’s stolen their scissors.

8. A Crochet Themed Coffee Mug

Why buy a crochet meme coffee mug?

Most crocheters I know LOVE to have a warm beverage while they crochet- whether they prefer coffee or tea! Plus, it’s fun to have a cute saying around to show off to other crafters.

Include a little bit of their favorite tea, or some coffee creamer to make it even more special. Little touches like that show you care enough about them to know their tastes!

A coffee mug with "Crochet is my Cardio" written on it.

7. Crochet Tote Bag with Grommets

Why is a Project Bag a Good Gift for Crocheters?

Crochet is a social activity. Many crocheters love to take their projects on the go to club meetings or even family gatherings.

A good project bag will make it so much easier for them to tote their yarn in style, and keep their crochet project in excellent condition. Be sure it has plenty of pockets for storing hooks and patterns!

6. Novelty Crochet Hooks

There are tons of fun crochet hooks to suit every crocheter’s style and interests. Here are a few of the most popular novelty crochet hooks amazon has to offer.

Why are Novelty Crochet Hooks Great Gifts for Crocheters?

Crocheters love having a wide variety of crochet hooks! Like yarn, you can never really have too many.

Some crochet hooks are just pretty to look at. My favorites all have neat carrying cases.

Others have neat features, like these light up hooks. My husband bought them for me so I would stop turning on lamps while he watched Sunday Night Football- it works!

If you shop around long enough, you’re sure to find something right for your favorite crocheter!

5. Yarn Swift

Why Yarn Swifts Make the Perfect Gift Idea for Crocheters

If your crocheter loves high quality yarn, or shopping at a local yarn shop, chances are they’ll have some yarns in their stash that are wound into twisted hanks.

It is absolutely impossible to crochet from a twisted hank of yarn without making a giant mess, but it also requires a lot of fiddling to be able to wind one without a handy yarn swift.

PS- if you live with your favorite crocheter, odds are YOU will be tasked with holding the loop of yarn while they wind it. Buy the swift!

4. Yarn Winder

Why a Yarn Winder is one of the Best Gift Ideas for Crocheters

You might not know that using a yarn winder can really improve the quality of a finished crochet item. Working from “caked” yarn makes a much smoother more consistent tension.

Yes, you can do this by hand, but it often takes quite a while. Having a good quality yarn winder around really simplifies the process! Your crocheter will love being able to cake their yarn quickly and easily.

3. Ergonomic Crochet Hooks

Why are These Great Crochet Gift Ideas?

Another fantastic gift idea for crocheters is an ergonomic crochet hook. Because crochet is so repetitive, crocheters can often develop soreness in their hands and wrists. Some of us even develop long term problems like carpal tunnel or arthritis related to our crochet addiction!

Ergonomic crochet hooks help to alleviate this problem by providing better hand positioning. Here are a few of my readers’ favorites:

2. YarnΒ  Bowls

Why are Yarn Bowls Great Gifts for Crocheters?

Yep, it’s just a bowl with a hole or a notch. Some of them can be cute and fanciful, others are nice calming wood models. You can find something to suit everyone’s tastes!

These are super useful for holding wiggly balls of yarn in place. They also make fabulous home decor for serious crocheters who need to have a project accessible at all times.

1. Yarn Storage Solutions

Why Yarn Storage Systems are Great Gifts for Crocheters

If you live with a crocheter, you’re probably aware that we like to keep a lot of yarn. And since yarn makes us so happy, it’s nice to display it around the home tastefully.

These shelving ideas and storage solutions can help your favorite crocheter tame their stash and add a bit of bright, homey color to their living areas.

Bonus: Yarn.

Okay, okay! I know. I said not yarn. But let’s be honest with ourselves. Did you really think I could make a list of the best gifts for crocheters and NOT include yarn?

Since you may or may not be a crocheter if you’re here searching this list, let me help you out! Here are three ideas for how to buy yarn for crocheters.

Buy More than One Ball.

There’s nothing more frustrating to a crocheter than receiving a gift of yarn and running out before you can finish a project! Sometimes, a small ball of yarn may not even make a whole hat in a large size. (Or do I just have a huge head?)

A good way to gauge how many balls you should buy is to check if there is a pattern printed on the label. Often, they will display the amount of yarn balls you’ll need to make one.

Consider a Gift Card

There’s something very hedonistic about going to a yarn shop and choosing your yarn. Crocheters love to feel the textures and see the yarn colors in person, and daydream about different color combinations.

Do you know your crocheter’s favorite store to shop at? Or have they been dreaming of visiting a local yarn shop?

Buy a Kit

An easy way to make sure you have gotten the right amount of yarn and all the notions you might need is to buy a kit. Buying a pattern and yarn kit as a gift for a crocheter is a great gift idea! They’ll have an easy idea to use with the yarn, but they’ll still be able to change their mind if it suits them.


I hope you found this list of my favorite gift ideas for crocheters helpful! This list should give you a good head start on shopping.

But remember, as much as we love yarn, we love our friends and family more. It really is the thought that counts!

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A ball of dark yarn with two crochet hooks and the caption 11 Unique Gift Ideas for Crocheters

Did you find something on this list to buy your favorite crocheter? Or have I left out something important?

Leave me a comment to let me know!

Let's crochet together!

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  1. Excellent ideas. I would gladly welcome and appreciate all of these gifts except I already have a winder and ergo hooks. All the rest would be fantastic!!

    1. Thanks Kelly! I agree, I think one winder is enough for now, and I would prefer to choose my own hooks. But I wouldn’t say no if they were to appear in a pretty package… πŸ˜€

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