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11 Crochet Home Decor Patterns with Cylinda of Crochet Memories

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Hey everyone! Welcome back to this round of Designer Feature Friday! Don’t you just love meeting new designers and seeing their unique crochet style? That’s part of what makes crochet such a fun hobby- there’s really something in it for everyone- no matter your tastes!

Today, we are getting to know Cylinda, of Crochet Memories! I’m in awe of her gorgeous, delicate thread crochet projects, and I know you’ll find one or two patterns that would be just PERFECT for you to gift to a loved one or decorate your home with a lovely crochet decor pattern.

Meet Cylinda

Hi, I’m Cylinda, owner/designer of Crochet Memories founded in 1997.  I started designing many years prior when it was difficult to find patterns for angels, baskets, fans, etc.  I love thread crochet and learned to crochet using thread and a size 3 hook.  I mostly design using my favorite hook; a Boye size 8 (1.50 mm).  This hook was given to my mom by a friend who taught her to crochet and then finally handed on down to me.  I have no idea how old that hook is but the handle is almost black from use.

I’m married to my high school sweetheart, Ron, and we’re working on 46 years of marriage.  We have two children and three grandchildren.  We live in Southern California and currently we have a new furbaby added to the family last November.  It’s just the three of us and we enjoy camping as we close in on retirement.  I have many hobbies which include cooking, herb gardening, reading, working puzzles, and other needlecrafts.

The image below was taken last September while visiting hubby’s sister and brother-in-law in Eureka, CA – I’m on the right.

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Interview with Cylinda of Crochet Memories

Katie: So, Cylinda, tell us how you learned to crochet.

Cylinda: I actually learned to crochet from my mom.  My interest was sparked in learning after seeing neighbors crochet while my hubby and I were stationed in Hawaii.  Over Christmas vacation, the kids and I flew home to the mainland while hubby was deployed to the Philippines.  While there, mom taught me the basics.  The funny part is I’m actually left-handed.  My mom is right-handed.  At that time neither of us realized it would be easier to learn if I sat across from here instead of beside her.  The result, I learned to crochet right-handed.  This was back in 1977 and I wouldn’t / couldn’t dream of crocheting left-handed now – awkward!

Katie: Wow! I can definitely relate- I learned to crochet while my husband was away on trainings and a deployment, as well. Crochet just makes the perfect way to bond with your girlfriends and family and keep your mind off your worries.

So, can you tell us if any of your crochet projects have a special place in your heart?

Cylinda: For the most part it seems my favorite is usually the last design!  I think it’s simply because it’s new and refreshing.  I do have favorites though which include some of my latest angel and doily designs.  One of my more recent designs includes this Easter Egg Teacup Doily listed here:

Katie: I can relate! I think the novelty of trying new things is what kept me crocheting for all these years!

What about your favorite yarn? Can you choose just one?


Because I’m a threadie at heart and most of my designs are in thread, my favorite crochet thread is Aunt Lydia’s, DMC, and Artiste.

Katie: Wow! I love the look of thread crochet. It’s so tiny that I have a hard time completing a thread crochet project. I really admire the delicate work you do!

What do you like to do while you crochet? Do you watch tv, or listen to audiobooks or music?

Cylinda:I always have the TV on; I need background noise, not that I watch what is on.  But when I do listen and watch TV I usually have the channel turned to food shows, the Hallmark channel or Fox news.  There have been many occasions I stopped in the middle of crocheting to run to the PC to download a new recipe!

Katie: Oh what a perfect way to multitask! I’m always looking for new recipes to try.

What about your ideal crochet scene? Can you tell us where you love to crochet best?

Cyinda: I always take my crochet with me.  So for me, my ideal scene would include crocheting while out camping (or glamping).  It would include a nearby river or creek (or ocean) to hear the gurgling water, lots of trees, and a beautiful clear, sunny day.  It would be perfect if I had a friend or fellow camper who crocheted too so we could work on our projects while enjoying the outdoors.  My husband and fur baby would be close by enjoying themselves in various activities.  For a snack, it’s got to be a charterie board with sparkling wine or a good red.

Katie: Oh that looks lovely! You’ve almost convinced me that I might like camping- I’ll have to try again.


Cylinda, thank you so much for joining us today! I’m excited to share some of your gorgeous Thread Crochet and Crochet Home Decor projects!

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11 Crochet Home Decor Patterns from Cylinda of Crochet Memories

Circle of Hope Crinoline Doily – Paid

This beautiful crinoline doily makes a beautiful statement of hope and support of loved ones who have dealt with breast cancer. As a bonus, half the proceeds of this pattern will go to cancer research!

Contemporary Blues Bolster – Paid

This adorable bolster pillow makes such a great accent- and it beautifully melds modern and vintage flair!

Beaded Textured Cup Cover – Free!

The gorgeous beaded lace makes a wonderful cup cover. Wouldn’t this be just lovely for a “glamping” experience? No more pesky bugs, and the beads add just enough weight to keep the cover in place.

Raspberry Sherbet Pillow – Free!

Don’t you love this gorgeous pillow sham? The lacy open stitch makes such a great color statement.

Seafoam Mandala Pillow – Free as a CAL!

This lovely pillow would look right at home on my bed! I added it to my Ravelry Favorites here- and you should, too! Mandalas and ocean colors are just so soothing and pair together so well.

Pretty Fans Baby Blanket – Free!

This elegant throw is sized perfectly for a baby blanket. I think it’d make a perfect lap throw, as well! What a wonderful, heirloom gift this would make!

Mile a Minute Soft Tote- Free!

This gorgeous tote bag isn’t strictly home decor- but it’s so beautiful I couldn’t possibly pass it up! Even grocery shopping can be elegant with crochet patterns like this one!

Crinoline Easter Girl Doily – Paid

I have a few fond memories of some beautiful crinoline dolls around my grandma’s and mom’s house when I was young. This gorgeous motif would make a stunning gift, wouldn’t it?

Pineapple Suncatcher – Free!


This stunning suncatcher uses optional glass beads and a steel craft hoop to make a lovely octagonal pineapple motif. Pineapple lace has been everywhere lately! It would make such a lovely decoration.

Lacy Fruit Jar Cover Up – Paid

I’ve always been a fan of giving homemade mixes at Christmas, so I was really excited to see this adorable lace jar cover! Wouldn’t this be the perfect addition to mason jar storage, or for dressing up your famous cookie mix or preserves?

Rose Lace Ruffled Doily – Paid

Last but certainly not least, I had to include this gorgeous ruffly doily! This would make such an elegant centerpiece on a coffee table, wouldn’t it?

Bonus! Cylinda’s Favorite Projects

Sweetheart Rose Doily- Paid

This gorgeous multicolored doily is so intricate! I love to admire fine work like this, don’t you? It’s absolutely beautiful!

Spring Butterfly Garden Doily – Paid

This gorgeous doily is one of Cylinda’s popular patterns, and I can see why! The beautiful combination of the pineapple lace, the butterflies, and the gorgeous roses make such a beautiful doily!

Butterfly Garden Pineapple Doily – Paid

This is another stunning butterfly garden themed doily. I really like the hidden butterflies in the center, and the coordinating flowers about the edges. So pretty!

Lacy Pineapple Angel – Paid

This beautiful angel would make a stunning decoration- for Christmas, or just as a guardian angel to watch over you year round!

Thanks for joining us for this Crochet Designer Feature Friday!

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