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The Best Ergonomic Hooks for Pain Free Crocheting

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We’ve all been there. “Just one more row,” turns into two, then three, then sixteen. Crocheting is too much fun to stop!

But finally, you notice a cramp, or a twinge in your wrist. Maybe you get the classic numbness and tingling, or maybe your muscles ache from the strain.

Whatever your symptoms, they’re made worse by using uncomfortable crochet hooks. Of course, not even a $500 crochet hook  could guarantee you’d never feel any hand pain or strain again. (Though I’d definitely be tempted to try one!)

You can’t argue that investing in comfortable, ergonomic hooks will improve your crochet experience though. You’ll be able to crochet for longer sessions, with less pain, and probably even get smoother, more even stitching, to boot.

Once you find the right crochet hook for your hands, your crochet will look and feel so much better. So here are my absolute favorite crochet hooks.

Furls Streamline Swirl

Hands down, my current favorite. These have a nice large handle, a sleek shape, and just enough weight to help the hook move more smoothly.

Because of their uniformly round shape, these are perfect for crocheters who use the pencil grip, as you won’t find a thumb rest interferes with your hand motions. (Though I like mine just fine with a knife grip, too.)

Oh, and did I mention how gorgeous they are? (Pictured with my Downtown Coffee Slouch Hat, FYI.)

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Furls Streamline

Katie holding a furls streamline hook

The light wood feel of these hooks helps relieve hand fatigue. Like the Swirl, they’re chunky enough to help relieve the pressure from gripping tightly on your hook.

If I had to pick a drawback, it would only be that I’m always scared my kids might break one. But they’ve survived this far, even a tiny F hook! And Furls’ customer service is absolutely unmatched- I’ve seen them replace many hooks for happy customers. (I just can’t part with mine for that long!)

Click here to buy a Furls Streamline Hook.

Tulip Etimo Rose


This hook is both super comfortable and deliciously pink. (It is called Rose for a reason!) The padded handle makes crocheting feel relaxing and easy, like it should.

The thumb rest makes a world of difference for my ability to crochet longer. Because I have an overhand “saber” grip, I tend to sneak my thumb up, and it makes me feel very sore, very quickly. I don’t have that problem with this hook at all!

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Clover Amour


While I personally like the Tulip hooks slightly better due to my funky grip, this hook can probably be found in more project bags. Clover is SO popular, and for good reason!

These hooks are ultra affordable, and very comfortable to crochet with. They also come in a handy array of coded colors, so you can easily identify the hook you need.

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Clover Soft Touch

These are so great! My mom gave me one of these hooks when she came to visit last year.

While they’re not quite as comfortable for longer sessions, they have a big, sturdy handle and a nice thumb rest that helps me crochet more comfortably. The metal hook tip glides through yarn like a hot knife through butter- soft touch is the perfect moniker for these!

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Addi Swing

These hooks are the most uniquely shaped. They really accommodate crocheters who tend to wrist movement, and that helps cut down on hand fatigue and pain a lot!

If you are very used to a rounder hook, like the Furls, you might find you crochet a teeny bit slower with this since you can’t roll the hook as freely in your hand due to the strong bowed shape. But if it feels more comfortable in your hand, it’s well worth the sacrifice!

I used the Addi Swing to crochet my Venus Shell Shawl in just 2-3 sittings.

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Divit Wood Hooks

This clever crochet hook is styled really closely to the Furls series, but at a fraction of the cost. I stumbled onto this crochet hook in my Amazon recommendations one day, and it was almost too good to be true.

I’m so glad I didn’t pass up the deal! This hook is gorgeous, and feels very similar to the Furls streamline in weight and smoothness.

The only difference I noticed were some very minor cosmetic details- the wood had just one or two tiny nicks in it, but it was smoothed and sealed so it doesn’t affect its ability to crochet- just a visual flaw.

Still, if you’re on a tight budget, this is a great way to treat your hands without trimming your yarn budget too much!

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Let's crochet together!


  1. Rosalie says:

    Hi Katie! I have a couple of Furls original acrylic. I don’t use them anymore. They are too slick for my liking. I have several of the Clover soft touch and I use them for certain yarns. But by far my favorite hook is the Tulip Etimo. I have a couple that are grey and one that is pink. I like them because they combine the best of Bates and Boye…that slightly flat throat and the slightly round tip. Thanks for sharing hook info. It’s so important that we care for the tools that allow us to crochet…our hands.

    1. Katie says:

      Absolutely agreed, Rosalie!

      In the end, it doesn’t matter which brand you use or how expensive your hook is, just that it’s comfortable for YOUR unique hand and grip style. Those are my favorite right now, but I have such a funky grip that I try to make sure and test drive them with a more typical pencil or knife grip, too, to see what feels right, as well as survey my friends at Crochet Club!

      Hope that helps,

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