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Best Crochet Chain Counting Tip

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Recently a friend asked me, “what most frustrates you about crochet?” Immediately, I answered that counting chains drives me bonkers! If you can relate, this quick and easy crochet chain counting tip is for you. Use this simple yarn hack and you’ll never have to count to eleventy jillion chains again!

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Materials Pictured

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All you’ll really need to complete this tutorial is your yarn, your crochet hook, and a small scrap of contrasting yarn. This tip works for any size yarn, and any hook size called for in your pattern.

If you’re like me, though, it’s fun to see where someone else got their tools! Or maybe I’m just nosy… In any case, here’s what’s pictured:

Loops and Threads Woolike yarn, purple, and a scrap of teal.

Furls Streamline Crochet Hook, size F/3.75mm.

Knit Picks Two Tone Yarn Bowl, Rosewood and Mango Wood

The BEST Crochet Chain Counting Tip

First, gather your supplies up! Then make a slip knot.

You’ll begin with a chain 9 stitches long.

9 crochet chains on a furls streamline ergonomic crochet hook

Next, hold the contrasting thread around your hook to mark the 10th chain.

Holding yarn of a contrasting color to mark the 10th chain for a foundation row.

Yarn over, pull through, and Ta-da! Your tenth chain is neatly marked.

Continue to swing up your thread before you work every 10th chain. You can easily mark ten, twenty, thirty, and forty chains. Even if you prefer chainless foundation rows, you can still use this technique!

A collage of four images showing this easy crochet chain counting tip in 20, 30, 40 chains.

You can work as many as you’ll need for your crochet sweater project, or even a crochet afghan.

This easy crochet chain counting tip will help you keep track of your starting chain for big projects!


What do you think? Let me know in the comments if this tip helped you feel less frustrated starting a big crochet project. I will certainly be using it for my future projects!


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