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11 Textured Crochet Patterns from Sarah of

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11 Beautifully Textured Crochet Patterns from Sarah Thompson at

Welcome again to the Designer Feature Friday! Today, I’m so excited to share some gorgeous crochet designs from Sarah Thompson over at Rich Textures Crochet. Sarah really lives up to her blog name. I am especially in love with the textured crochet blanket patterns free on her blog- and I’m sure you’ll love her crochet patterns, too.

About Sarah

Sarah grew up in rural Nova Scotia, Canada.  She now resides in rural Ontario with her husband, three young children and a puppy.  When she is not crocheting, she is tidying the house, playing with the kids, reading, gardening, walking the conservation forests near her home.  She started designing crochet patterns in January 2017. You can find her at, on Facebook  Instagram @RichTexturesCrochet ( and Ravelry (


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Interview with Sarah of

Katie: So, Sarah, tell us about learning to crochet. How old were you when you started?

Sarah: I first learned to crochet as a teenager.  My mother taught me some basic stitches in order to make a blanket that I entered into our local fair.  I remember is was white with popcorn stitches. We used it for years as a throw to cover our couch. I am not sure, but I think my parents still have it stashed somewhere! It wasn’t until years later, I was in my first year of graduate studies, when I was retaught by a woman at a church I was attending.  She taught me some foundational stitches and technique, and then how to read a pattern. Once I knew how to read a pattern I loved the challenge of working on a variety of projects – from dishcloths to baby dresses (gifted to my new nieces and nephews at the time).

Katie: That’s awesome! Do you still like making blankets? What is your favorite project you’ve made?

Sarah: At the moment I’d have to say my Winter Cottage Throw is my favourite.  It’s a simple pattern, but with a great texture and simplicity that really brings out the yarn colours and fibre.  The Throw is my go to as a reading and watching Netflix blanket. I just love it’s weights and warmth.

Katie: I love that one too! How about your favorite crochet stitch?

Sarah: I love the knit stitch.  I’m a bit of a knitter wanna be.  I have tried many times to knit, but other than the classic “grandma’s dishcloth” and socks on four needles, I’ve had no success.  The problem is I love the look and feel of knit. So the crochet knit stitch has become my happy medium. I can crochet but still get that knit look I’m craving.  I use it in a lot of my patterns, such as my Winter Cottage Throw, and look forward to playing with it more in the future!

Over all my favourite item to make is blankets and socks (I will have patterns coming soon!).  I just love to be cozy and they are practical. We use them every day in our house. I also love the endless stitch combinations and colour ways possible in crochet blankets.

Katie: I can tell- your crochet blanket patterns are so amazingly textured!

Can you tell us what you like to watch or listen to while crocheting?

Sarah: Music wise, I’m mostly listening to podcasts or audio books.  For podcasts I love listening to B.Hooked and She Can Make.

If I’m watching Netflix, it’s Star Trek or Murdock Mysteries at the moment with my hubby (we’ve never seen them!).

Movie wise it’s a re watch of a Jane Austen film (Pride and Prejudice and Emma are my favourites!).

Katie: what a neat coincidence! I just watched Emma this week! (Pride and Prejudice was last week.) I love finding things like that in common with people. 

Can you tell us more about your crochet spot? Where are your favorite spots, and who is with you?

Sarah: My favourite spot to crochet is out on our back deck in the summer (way to snowy and cold in the winter, then I retreat to a rocker in our sunny living room!).  In the summer I love watching the kids and dog play in the backyard.

I live in a small rural farming community in Ontario, Canada. I know all my neighbours. There are many song birds visiting our feeders.  In the Spring the air holds the fresh scent of lilac. It wouldn’t be uncommon to hear the distant sound of bagpipes in the evenings. It’s just a really comfortable, peaceful place to be!

11 Beautifully Textured Crochet Patterns from Sarah of Rich Textures Crochet

Ripple in Time Throw

This beautiful blanket has been featured on my blog once before, for In Stitches! #6. There are so many great textures combined here, and the colors are so rich and vibrant! I’d love to snuggle up under this on a snowy day with a good book.

Paired Up Toque and Neck Warmer

I really like this gorgeous crochet set! The stitch patterns aren’t exactly alike, but they complement each other so well!

Jasmine Stitch Washcloth

The jasmine stitch is one of my absolute favorite crochet texture stitches. This washcloth would be a great way to try a new crochet texture!

Snowy Day Slouch

This beanie is SO adorable! Sarah was actually featured over in our Link Party, In Stitches #5, for the matching Snowy Day Toque pattern. Can’t you see why? This is so gorgeously textured!

At the Woods  Triangle Scarf

I really love the look of a good tasseled shawl, so I had to include this pattern! This looks like it has just the perfect amount of weight to keep you warm without feeling too bulky.

Winter Cottage Throw

I am so in love with this textured crochet blanket pattern, that I just had to share it again! The crochet “knit” stitch is such a pretty and versatile crochet texture stitch. I love how it looks worked up in this chunky tweed yarn!

Winter Blizzard Cowl

Gorgeous crochet winter accessories like this one almost make me miss the cold! (Almost!) I know my mom or sister would LOVE to use this for Illinois winters!

Island Cowl

This bright, sunny cowl is just the sort of thing to add to a summer outfit! I love wearing cowls like this one with light and breezy tank tops for a more polished outfit. Besides, these textured crochet stitches are so beautiful!

Summer Breeze Shawl – Paid

This lovely shawl is absolutely stunning! The light airy texture of this crochet shawl is perfect for summertime, or Florida weather. And it’s made with my favorite yarn!

 Autumn Scarf – Paid

I have been wanting to pick up Tunisian crochet for quite a while! This fun textured scarf would be just the stitch to try first. Tunisian crochet opens up so many new crochet texture options!

My Own Spa Bathmat – Paid

This bath mat has such a beautiful, plush looking texture! Doesn’t it look so cozy and soft? I’m always looking for different ways to liven up my bathroom, and I think this would really add some lightness and charm to my bathroom! The bright white and deep blue are just so coastal cool!

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Let's crochet together!

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