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11 FREE Rustic Crochet Patterns by Erica Fedor of Highland Hickory Designs

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Welcome again! Today, Erica Fedor, from Highland Hickory Designs, stopped by to chat with us! I just met Erica recently, but I have been a fan of her designs for quite a while. While I like to talk about the beach a lot on my blog, I will admit that I have always wished I was a bit more of a country girl. If you follow me on Pinterest, you’ve probably seen at least one of Erica’s designs already! I would love to have a cozy farmhouse decorated with some of these beautiful, rustic crochet patterns! Wouldn’t you?

I’ve collected 11 free crochet patterns with rustic charm for you to browse through after the interview.  You’ll want to add at least one to your Ravelry queue! I know I have a few in mine. But first, let’s let Erica introduce herself!

Hey there! My name is Erica and I’m the blogger over at Highland Hickory Designs where I create unique crochet patterns that range anywhere from clothing to household items to holiday decorations. I truly love that I get to be creative and utilize my artistic skills to design free patterns for you to enjoy!

Find me at:

Blog | Pinterest | Ravelry

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Designer Feature Interview with Erica Fedor of Highland Hickory Designs

Katie: So, how did you learn to crochet? Did you learn from someone in your family, or are you self taught?

Erica: My mom could crochet, but she had only learned the basic stitches. One day, while my children were
still just babies, I asked her to show me how to crochet. She showed me how to chain, single crochet
and double crochet. Well, from that moment on, I was “hooked”! I practiced those stitches, making
smaller projects until I grew hungry for more. I wanted to learn all that I could. That’s when I turned to
YouTube. I watched a few stitch tutorials and practiced constantly. Even today, I love learning new

Katie: What a neat story! And how awesome that you can share the love of crochet with us on your blog. What about your favorite project? Can you pick one?

Erica: My favorite pattern that I’ve made to date has been the Halloween Bag Trio. I absolutely love to make appliques and it was actually very difficult to choose just one project. I’ve discovered that being able to utilize my artistic ability and bring it to life using a medium like yarn has been incredibly fun.

The Halloween Bag Trio is made up of simple single crochet bags that are stuffed with Poly-fil and given personality through their faces – a pumpkin, a ghost and a scarecrow.

Katie: Oh, Erica these are adorable! I know my kids would love it if we could decorate for Halloween more! 

Now, I always have to ask, what is your favorite stitch?

Erica: My favorite stitch happens to be the Suzette Stitch, which is just a single crochet and double crochet in the same space and then skipping the next stitch. It creates the most beautiful, thick fabric and is incredibly easy to do.

It’s perfect for blankets and other items that you don’t want large holes in. Two of my blanket patterns, the American Flag Blanket and Cullen’s Baby Blanket, have been done using this stitch and I find it very difficult to not want to use it for everything I make. Ha!

Katie: Oh, that’s a good one! Such a neat texture, and that blanket is adorable!

Now, do you prefer to crochet while listening to music, or watching tv?

Erica: I am a movie watcher. I prefer movies over shows and I tend to watch them over and over again. Depending on what I’m into that week, I’ll either be watching the Harry Potter series, Pirates of the Caribbean series, Lord of the Rings or Star Wars. I’m a bit of a nerd and love living in a fantasy land. I think it helps with my creativity, where I can make the impossible possible.

Katie: Ooh, I have been watching tv lately, but now I may have to watch Pirates again! Good one!

For our last question, what do you need with you to keep you crocheting comfortably?

Erica: My favorite spot to crochet is on my couch. With my Dachshund named Teagan laying beside me under her blanket and my coffee on the other side, I can crochet all day!

Katie: That sounds heavenly! Well I think I can speak for everyone when I ask you to give Teagan an extra snuggle today! Thanks so much for joining us, and I can’t wait to share my favorite patterns from your blog here!

11 Free Rustic Crochet Patterns by Erica Fedor

Waters Edge Kimono

This beautiful crocheted kimono sweater would look right at home, whether your style trends toward beachy boho, city chic, country western, or just cozy casual. The only reason I’m not hooking one already is because I can’t decide whether mine will look better in a dusty shade of burgundy, a comfy neutral, or maybe even chocolate brown. Feel free to tell me what color yours will be in the comments!

Cabernet Cowl

The sumptuous texture of this cowl makes such a cozy statement. The edging in a lighter yarn is my favorite part, though! It reminds me of a tidy blanket stitch edging, and makes it feel more country cozy than modern. What a lovely detail!

Aspen Tweed Mittens

I am such a fan of this yarn, and the bulky texture of the mittens, and the adorable pine cones! This lovely pattern comes in a set that includes a matching hat and cowl scarf. I won’t complain, because I know some of you are under snow while I sit shivering in 67 degree weather, but I will say I wish I had more chances to wear gorgeous accessories like this!

Americana Pillow Set

These pillows are so beautifully homey! Maybe it’s because I grew up as a military brat, but whatever the reason, Americana decor like this always makes me feel right at home. In fact, my favorite wedding gift ever was an American Flag blanket that looks like a perfect match to these pillow shams!

Boho Braided Bucket Bag

This charming boho bucket bag looks like the perfect accessory! I love the sweet detailing of the strap, and I have been wishing for a new little beach bag to keep my essentials away from the kids’ bag (which inevitably gets a shovel full of sand dumped in it!)

Cappuccino Triangle Shawl

I probably have enough of this gorgeous yarn in my stash to make this shawl! I love that it looks just like a traditional granny shawl, but it’s even simpler than that! Plus, the wooden beaded fringe gives it such a great finishing touch!

Old Glory

What a stunning blanket! This is modeled after Betsy Ross’s original design, and it’s just classically beautiful. This blanket makes such a great wedding gift, or home decor project.

All Weather Slouch 

The open lace pattern used in this slouch beanie makes it versatile enough that even this Florida girl can wear one! It has just the right amount of slouch, texture, and rustic, homemade charm! Perfect for those lazy mornings when you don’t want to fuss over your hair. (Tell me I’m not the only one?)

American Flag Wreath

What a gorgeous decoration! One of my favorite parts about living in the South was how inviting and friendly everyone liked to make their front entry look. This wreath would be so cute for the summer months. Doesn’t this make you picture yourself sipping mint tea on your front porch swing?

Faux Burlap and Lace Silverware Pockets

These gorgeous silverware pockets would be just perfect for entertaining, whether in your country kitchen or for a backyard BBQ picnic.

Ruffle Garland

Burlap and lace are just so homey and beautiful! I had to include this garland in the collection, because it’s just beautiful! I would love to decorate my tree this way for Christmas one year, just so I can keep the garland around year round.


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Let's crochet together!

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