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Let's crochet together!

Welcome again to the Design Create Repeat Blog Hop! Wow, we’ve been SO excited about all of the amazing patterns to share with you all, and we are so grateful for your support. Thank you for all the comments and hearts on Ravelry and across social media- you guys have really made this event a success!

I’ll be hosting week four of the blog hop here at Salty Pearl Crochet. Bookmark this page and come back daily to see which PDF patterns you can snag for your pattern stash- I’m getting started on my Christmas presents already!


Looking for more patterns? Most are still free to read on the designer’s blog!

Week one was hosted by Counting Crafty Sheep. Most of the patterns are still free on their blog posts, but the PDFs are no longer free.

Week two was over at Joy of Motion.   Most of the patterns are still free on their blog posts, but the PDFs are no longer free.

Week three was hosted at Desert Blossom Crafts. Most of the patterns are still free on their blog posts, but the PDFs are no longer free.

How to Participate

The easiest way to find the patterns is to follow the @Design_Create_Repeat page on Instagram. You’ll see the photos of the designs, then you can click from our profile to the host’s blog post.

Visit this page every day during the week to see which pattern is being featured. Here’s the list of ALL the designers who are participating.

You’ll find a direct link to the design blog post page below. You can simply click over to their page, and you’ll see the pattern details.

To get your free PDF copy, look for this button on the designer’s blog page to find the link to the Ravelry page. You’ll need to have found the coupon code in their post, but it should be right above or below this image. The button on this page links to my last contribution, the Easy Ribbed Boho Turban Pattern, which you can grab with the coupon code FallFave19.

Week 4: Fall Favorites Free Crochet Patterns

Here’s the lineup of free crochet pattern PDFs for you all! Remember to READ the blog post closely for the coupon code, and look for the FREE PDF on RAVELRY Button I shared above.

I’ll be updating this blog post daily with a photo and the direct link to the pattern page at around 10am EST.

Friday, 10/25/19 – Waffles with a Twist Headband EarwarmerAmy at the Stitchin Mommy



Saturday, 10/26/19 – Alesha Fall Triangle ScarfRhondda at Oombawka Design Crochet


Sunday, 10/27/19 – Tambourine Shrug Andrea at Crochet Therapy


Monday, 10/28/19 – Adalyn PulloverRachel at Desert Blossom Crafts


Tuesday, 10/29/19 – Faux Mistake Rib Watchman’s CapFind the pink Ravelry button in her site after the first picture. – Marie at Underground Crafter


Wednesday, 10/30/19 – Momma’s Little Gobbler: Turkey Hooded Cape – Ashley at Edyth Blayn

NOTE: Ashley doesn’t have a Ravelry account, and has generously made her pattern available for download directly within her blog post. Please READ the instructions carefully, and don’t hesitate to ask politely for help in the comments on my blog, her blog, or on Instagram if you need help after reading.


Thursday, 10/31/19 – Cinnamon Spiced Ribbed SweaterRaeLynn at Itchin’ for Some Stitchin’


Happy crocheting, and thanks so much for making this blog hop a success! Thank you so much for all the love.

Let's crochet together!

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  1. Caroline says:

    Is there a code for todays pattern from underground crafter!?

    1. Katie says:

      Hi Caroline! Sorry for the mixup! I’ve updated my post with the coupon code, FallFavorites19, and you can follow her pink Ravelry button to get there.

      Hope that helps!

      1. Caroline says:

        Thank you so much!!!

  2. Kristi says:

    I don’t see a code or info on the other blog page on how to get the pdf for day 29. Can you give the code or ?


    1. Katie says:

      Hi Kristi!
      Sorry for the confusion! The coupon code for today is on MY blog post, and you can find the Ravelry listing link as a pink button.

      Hope you find it ok!

  3. Hi Katie, I’m following the Blog Hop. For today’s hop with The Underground Crafter, I don’t see a code, link, or button to get the ‘Faux Mistake Rib Watchman’s Cap’. I could be over looking something but I’ve been over the blog page several times. I don’t see a comment spot to contact her either. Could I get some help please? Thanks so much.

    1. Katie says:

      Hey there, Carol!

      So sorry for the confusion! Marie at the Underground Crafter has her own super cute Pink Ravelry button. You’ll find it below the first photo, and just before the pattern starts. The coupon code is listed on MY blog, it’s FallFavorites19.

      Hope that solves it for you! Sorry for the treasure hunt today. 🙂


  4. Jennifer Lehr says:

    I am having a hard time finding the coupon code or free download for 10/29/19. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Katie says:

      Hi Jennifer!
      Sorry for the confusion, today’s code is on MY blog, it’s FallFavorites19. Marie’s got her own special Ravelry button, it’s pink and right below the first photo (you might have to scroll through several paragraphs to see it.)

      Hope that helps!

  5. Marsha says:

    No link available on the site for the 29th, or any place for a comment on the pattern page either. Only the links for paid ravelry and etsy downloads. Help please, its a beautiful ribbing.

    1. Katie says:

      Hi there Marsha! Sorry for the mix up! I’ve updated the post with the coupon code, FallFavorites19- you can use it at the Ravelry link (a pink Ravelry button) in her post. SOrry for the confusion!


  6. Got it everyone! Click on the pattern name, not the underground crafter part.

  7. THANK YOU so much for featuring my Momma’s Little Gobbler turkey hooded cape pattern today!! Too fun 🙂 Ashley @ Edyth Blayn

    1. I love your pattern!!

  8. Melissa says:

    Oh my goodness! I’m in love with this adorable turkey poncho! Thank you for introducing me to a new to me designer!

    1. You’re welcome! So glad you love it, and that’s my favorite part about these blog hops- there’s so much out there to share and create!


  9. Thank you for the awesome last week of the blog hop! 😍

    1. You’re so welcome! Thanks for stopping by to comment, it means a lot! <3 Happy hooking, friend!

  10. Marsha says:

    I cant for the life of me find todays code. I feel like a bad penny. Pleade help. Somebofy, anybody

    1. I cannot find the code to use for Oct 31 free pattern for Cinnamon Spiced Ribbed Sweater designed by RaeLynn at Itchin’ for Some Stitchin’

      1. Katie says:

        Hi Denise!
        The code is there (it’s “sweaterweather”) but you’ll have to scroll quite a bit before you get to it. Look for the “Pattern” subheading, in between the two yellow sweater photos. Hope that helps!


    2. Katie says:

      Hey Marsha!
      The code is there, you just need to keep scrolling. 🙂 Look for our button, it’s right below the “Pattern” subheading. Putting stuff at the bottom of the blog page really helps the designer support their free patterns with ad income. That’s why we asked everyone to use the big colorful button!


  11. Amanda says:

    Thank you for being part of THE FALL FAVORITES BLOG HOP! I love your patterns and those of the other designers some whom I have never seen. Have a great day and keep on hookin! Amanda

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