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10 Free Home Decor Crochet Patterns from Maria’s Blue Crayon

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Let's crochet together!

Welcome back to the Salty Pearl Crochet Designer Feature Friday! This week, we’re chatting with a good friend from In Stitches!, Maria of Maria’s Blue Crayon.

Maria has lots of amazing crochet stuff, but for this interview, I wanted to show off her incredible free home decor crochet patterns. I absolutely adore the cute granny square afghan patterns that Maria makes, and she has lots of other crochet home decor ideas as well! Let’s let her introduce herself, then we’ll get started with the interview.

Hi! I’m Maria and I run a crochet blog, Maria’s Blue Crayon, where I share free crochet patterns and all things yarn with my fellow yarnies. I’m a down-to-earth, homeschoolin’ mama living in Central PA. My aim is to inspire others while cultivating my love for creating and working with my hands!

Find me at:

Maria’s Blue Crayon

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Designer Feature Interview with Maria of Maria’s Blue Crayon

Katie: So, tell me about how you learned to crochet. Did you learn from someone in your family, or are you self taught?

Maria: My mom taught me to crochet when I was 8 years old. My first stitch learned was the double crochet and my mom used a lot of thread for table clothes and doilies, so that’s what I learned with! I remember doing popcorn stitches after learning the double crochet because it was a stitch that was a part of my mom’s pattern she was working on.

I’m so super grateful she taught me and that it just stuck to me although I didn’t crochet regularly until college when I was expecting my son. That is when I started to branch out and learned how to make hats, learned more stitches through YouTube, and learned how to read patterns. My mom worked off of diagrams and cannot read patterns, so once I learned how to – I gave her a run down of the basics of reading a pattern and introduced her to YouTube where she learned how to C2C and we both share a love for that stitch!
I think it’s so special for a family member to pass down this skill. Hopefully one day, I will be able to pass down this skill to someone in my family!

Katie: Oh, I hope the same thing! My kids are still a bit young yet, but it’s adorable when they try to play with your yarn! What about your favorite project?


Every pattern I’ve designed is so near and dear to my heart, but I have to say one of my favorites is the Christmas Granny Square Afghan. I think it’s my favorite because it was my first crochet along and the experience of hosting a crochet along was so much more than I ever expected!
To see so many people use your pattern and compliment your work is just the best feeling ever! I loved having a little community all working on the same project. It’s definitely a project that takes a lot of dedication and work, so it’s such a special piece to display for the holidays.

Katie: That’s so inspiring! I agree, it really is the best compliment ever to see someone’s finished work from your patterns.

Do you have a favorite yarn to work with?

Maria: I love Caron Cakes. Since they’ve come out with several new lines (Big Cakes, Cotton Cakes, Tea Cakes, Cup Cakes, Sprinkle Cakes,and Chunky Cakes) I’ve been enjoying them all! I really enjoy the color changing and how it’s always a surprise of how they will work up depending on what you make!

Katie: I love them, too! I really think using awesome yarn can take a simple crochet pattern to the next level.

Do you watch any tv or listen to music while you crochet?

Maria: During the day, I enjoy crocheting in silence. At night, I usually have Netflix on. Right now, I am re-watching Dexter. It’s a crime show where a serial killer works as a blood-splatter analyst for the police. It’s pretty ‘dark’ and has a lot of foul language, but I enjoy the story lines of each season. If I want to watch something funny, I always watch The Office which is also on Netflix!

Katie: Oh good ones! I always have to crochet when I watch Dexter, as an excuse to keep the lights on, haha. 

What about your ideal crochet day? If you could crochet anywhere at all, where would you want to go, and who would you take with you?

Maria: My ideal crochet scene doesn’t ask for much. I would love to just sit with my mom and crochet together. We don’t often crochet together as much as I’d like to. With a little one that demands grandma’s or mom’s attention when together, it’s tough to get those stitches in!

Katie: You are the absolute sweetest, Maria! I hope you get to have a crochet day with your mom sometime soon, even if you do have littles around with you. That really sounds like the perfect day!

10 Best Free Crochet Home Decor Patterns by Maria’s Blue Crayon

Coastal Indoor Rug

This gorgeous Coastal Indoor Rug makes the perfect crochet addition to any beach house! I love the soothing colors of this rug, and I can’t wait to make one! Crochet home decor patterns don’t have to be crazy difficult or intricate to be beautiful, and Maria knocked this one out of the park! This particular pattern is available as a FREE Ravelry download, so make sure you go show Maria some love by adding it to your Ravelry Favorites and queue! (That’s one of the BEST ways you can compliment (and help out!) a crochet designer. We LOVE seeing your projects, and it helps more people find us!)

Granny Filet Square Afghan

This gorgeous square afghan pattern is super easy to crochet! I love the look of filet crochet, and crochet granny square afghans don’t have to involve tons of sewing! What a classic, cozy crochet decor idea!

Ocean Square Afghan

This adorable granny square afghan is just what I would decorate a nursery with now! Love it! This pattern is available in a free Crochet Along on Maria’s Blog, or you can purchase the whole pattern in one convenient PDF on Ravelry here, while you’re adding it to your Ravelry favorites.

Outdoor Picnic Blanket

This gorgeous crochet blanket is so stunning! And you won’t believe how easy the pattern is! A complete beginner could make it.

Christmas Granny Afghan

This gorgeous blanket would make a great heirloom piece! I can tell it’s full of fun, cozy Christmas memories, and lots of love. You can purchase the complete PDF pattern through the Ravelry listing I’ve linked here, or you can find the free CAL in parts on Maria’s blog.

Woodland Wolf Granny Square

This adorable little guy is my spirit animal!  How cute is this wolf? This is part of another CAL, but I was just SO in love with the wolf that I decided he should be featured here. SO cute! The full pattern PDF is available on Etsy here, if you prefer to work on the go, with no ads.

Spring Afghan

This classic crochet granny square afghan is absolutely stunning!

Shag Throw Pillow

Ok, so you may already know that I’m obsessed with fur yarn. I have been ever since I made these cute fur trimmed boot cuffs! But seriously, have you seen this awesome throw pillow? I love this idea for crochet decor! It’s so absolutely gorgeous, and right on trend.

Mint to Be Afghan

This afghan is SO cute! I really love all the colors of Lion Brand’s Scarfie yarn, and it works up SO well in this pattern! Plus, since it’s a bit heavier weight of yarn, it works up quickly!

Cactus Pillow Cover

Last, but certainly not least is this amazing cactus pillow cover! I adore those tassels. Plus the cactus is so cute! This project would make a great addition to so many fun decor styles.

Thanks so much for joining us for this designer feature! If you enjoy these types of pattern roundups, sign up for my weekly newsletter, or follow my Pattern Collections board on Pinterest!

Let's crochet together!

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  1. I love all of your designs, Maria! 😀 I haven’t tried Lion Brand Scarfie yarn yet…but that Mint to Be Afghan is calling my name! I’m going to have to order some soon! <3

    1. Katie says:

      Thanks for commenting, Allyson! I know you’ll LOVE Lion Brand Scarfie- it’s so nice to work with! And I agree, the mint is just perfect. – Katie

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