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9 Beachy Crochet Patterns from Sarah of

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9 Beachy Crochet Patterns from Sarah Sullivan at

I’m so excited to introduce you to Sarah this Friday for our Designer Feature! I’ve known Sarah for just about a year now, and it has been so fun growing our blogs together! Sarah lives across the pond in England, and though the weather there is much different than ours here, we share a love of the sea that shows up in our crochet work! I love seeing the creative patterns Sarah comes up with, and I know you’ll enjoy chatting with her today, too!

About Sarah

Hiya! My name is Sarah and I am the owner/designer behind Crochet 24/7 which is just a year old business. Happily married for 20 years to Jason, and Mum to 16 year old twin girls Cerys and Katie. I started to crochet 3 years ago, and began designing patterns in 2017. I like simple stitch sequences that build up to beautiful designs, and As a constant learner, I love to challenge myself with new techniques. Next, on my list to satisfy my love of colour may well be spinning classes!

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Interview with Sarah of

Katie: So Sarah, tell me about how you started crocheting.

Sarah: It’s a long story! If you want to hear the whole of it, I have written a blog feature here on my site about how and why I got started 3 years ago. In short, I had a stressful senior corporate role involving a lot of air travel and nights on my own in hotels, I was a mum of twins, and I felt that “me” was at the back of the queue. As soon as my girls were in bed I would start working again on my laptop. I paid for 2 hours private tuition to learn the basics of jewellery making, and within a few weeks started selling it at weekend craft fairs. I moved on from jewellery and put knitted frilly scarves on the stand (the one skein kind) which helped draw attention to the jewellery because of the colourful display. Then I moved to crochet, which I taught myself from watching YouTube and lots of practice, and here we are now crochet designer!

Katie: That’s such an inspiring story!  So now that you’re a crochet designer can you tell me what your favorite project has been?

Sarah: In terms of being proud of myself I would say my Ocean Kiss Shawl because it took a long time to calculate the maths, and constant counting to check and recheck. I remade the shawl in a couple of different yarns recently and had to follow the pattern to start off with as it was a year since publishing, and I was really proud of myself.

Katie: Oh, I love that one though! I’m glad you stuck through it! What about your favorite crochet stitch?

Sarah: HaHa easy one! I love HDC it’s such a versatile stitch, and to create different effects between the 3 possible loops to go under.

Katie: A classic stitch! I know at least one other designer said the same! Now, when you crochet, do you like to listen to music or watch TV at all?

Sarah: I don’t watch or listen to anything when I am designing, but if I am making samples or finished items for craft fairs I like to watch crime series like Vera, or any type of mystery thriller with a good plot that twists and turns to keep you guessing. Music, I have really varied taste and will listen whilst I do computer work to Northern Soul, R&B, Motown.

Katie: Ooh, I love a good mystery as well! Can you tell us more about your favorite crochet spot? Who keeps you company? Are you a snacker like me?

Sarah: I like being in my living room and usually my 19 year old deaf tabby cat Tilly is somewhere in the room with me. She has never been a lap cat, and favours my husband, but she likes the company of being nearby. I am a huge tea drinker, so always a mug of tea. If the design is going badly I treat myself to a custard cream biscuit to dunk in my tea!

Katie: That sounds lovely! It’s been too long since I’ve treated myself to kitty company and some good tea. I think I’ll have a cup in your honor this evening! Thanks so much for joining us today! It was so great getting to know you a bit better, and I know we are all excited to see a few of your patterns now!

9 Beachy Crochet Patterns from Sarah of Crochet 24/7

Unforgettable Hazel Cowl – FREE

Don’t you LOVE this yarn Sarah used?

One Stitch Cowl – Free

This beautiful crocheted cowl makes such a great staple for any wardrobe! Sometimes, simple really IS better. This lovely scarf would make a fantastic craft show seller, or a quick and easy last minute gift for someone special.

Ocean’s Kiss Autumn Ruana – Paid

The ruana may be one of my absolute favorite styles of poncho. You can style them so many ways! You can belt them, drape an end over your shoulder, or wear them as a cardigan like in the photo. PS- isn’t Sarah gorgeous in this photo? I can tell she feels amazing in this ruana- and she should be proud, it’s absolutely stunning!

Ocean Kiss Summer Shawl – Paid

This gorgeous shawl is the one Sarah said was her favorite project. I can see why! It’s absolutely lovely, and I would wear one all the time! Shawls are so perfect for beach adventures, because there’s always a sea breeze coming in off the water, and never quite enough shade. This pattern is lacy and airy enough to be cool, but I bet it’s still soft and warm!

Ocean Kiss Summer Poncho – Paid

How beautiful is this lovely poncho! It would look right at home anywhere from the seaside to the countryside, to downtown city strolling. Can you tell I love this collection? There are a few other coordinating patterns as well! There’s a Free Summer Scarf, a free Ear Warmer Pattern, a paid autumn cowl, and a free Summer Wrap.

Unforgettable Hazel Blanket – Free

Afghans aren’t usually on my radar as a busy mama, but I have to make an exception for this gorgeous pattern! The colors are stunning, and I love the mixture of textures and solids and laces! Swoon!

Opal Shell 2 in 1 Scarf and Wrap – Free

I love crocheting versatile crochet garments like this Opal Shell wrap and scarf. This gorgeous lace pattern wears beautifully as a scarf, and also functions as a shawl wrap. Winter weather shouldn’t mean sacrificing fashion, and this lovely scarf wrap will keep you warm in style!

Spearmint Stars C2C Cowl – Free

This lovely diagonal cowl is made in a corner to corner pattern. I think that really transforms the relaxing stitch pattern into a very interesting piece!

Azure Skies Crochet Cowl

Broomstick lace makes the distinctly sophisticated texture of this infinity scarf. If you’ve never tried it, don’t be afraid to tackle it! With a bit of practice, you can master it. Wouldn’t this sumptuous scarf be worth the effort?

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