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The Fastest Method of Frogging Crochet

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Frogging Crochet

Frogging a crochet project is an unavoidable task sometimes. No matter how careful you are, at some point, you’ll find that you need to unravel a large crochet project for some reason or another.

But I’m getting ahead of myself, as I often do.  Let’s take a step back.

What is Frogging in Crochet and Knitting?

When you’re knitting or crocheting, frogging a project means ripping out stitches. It could be just a few stitches, a few rows, or even the entire project.

The crochet term “frogging” probably started as sort of play on words. As far as I know, we haven’t traced it back to the source.

When you make a mistake in crochet, what do you do? You Rip it.

And that sounds kind of similar to, Ribbit. And thus, the term frogging was born. (Personally, I like the pun!)

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How Can I Frog My Project Quickly?

So back to the point of this story. What is the fastest way to frog a crochet project quickly?

My personal preference is to use a yarn ball winder. This keeps your yarn nice and tidy, instead of allowing it to tangle.

This yarn winder is my absolute favorite! It has a special home in my kitchen where it’s used daily. (Though usually for happier tasks, like caking new yarn!)

Video Tutorial for How to Frog Crochet Quickly

Here’s a quick video tutorial I made demonstrating how to frog a crochet project with a yarn ball winder.

As you can see, hours of work are put right back into a nice, neat little cake of yarn in mere moments. There are no tangles, and the yarn is ready to be used again right away, without having to stop and wind it into a ball by hand.

But only after this ornery yarn sits in timeout for a few days.

Did you find this tutorial helpful? How do you frog your crochet projects?

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