Craftography Challenge: January 18 – Favorite

You made it! Whether you’ve been able to keep up and post every day, or even just posted once or a few times, congratulations! Every click of your shutter brings you closer to achieving the photos you dream of. I encourage you to keep your streak going- daily practice is the best tool you have for self improvement.

For our final challenge day, I chose the theme “Favorite.” Maybe you’ll recapture a photo of your most loved crochet item. Perhaps you’ll be able to take a snapshot of someone with a gift you’ve given them. Perhaps even finding that one perfect skein of yarn in your stash that’s so delectably soft you haven’t worked it up yet. You could even choose your favorite theme and redo picture from a theme you’ve been wanting to revisit.

Share your photo on Instagram with our #craftographer hashtag and tag @SaltyPearlCrochet so we can like and comment on each other’s photos!

Warm Wishes,


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