Craftography Challenge: January 8 – Your Tools

Sharing my creative process with all of you is one of my goals for this year. Today, I’m inviting you to do the same by challenging you to share a photo featuring your tools.

Including your tools in your craft photos allows the viewer a glimpse into your work. One of the most flattering questions a crafter receives is “how did you make that?” Whether you crochet, knit, paint, scrapbook or create any other sort of art, there are people out there who admire you for the skill you’ve nurtured and would love a peek behind the scenes of your workflow.

So today, lift back the curtain and share a snippet of your craft with us! Use our challenge #craftographer hashtag and tag me @SaltyPearlCrochet and look through the rest of the #craftographer posts so we can all see each other’s photos for the day.

Warm Wishes,


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