Craftography Challenge: January 16 – Workspace

As I mentioned before, I set a goal this year to share more of my story with you all this year. Crocheters (and all crafters, really) know that for every finished piece we create, there are hours of work behind it that few people see. Handmade gifts really are a labor of love and joy- and I hope my loved ones know that.

What better way to share that love than by capturing your workspace? I’m using today’s challenge as an excuse to cozy up my crochet area so I can pamper myself. Maybe I’ll even be able to brew myself a nice cup of tea to match my blanket, and finally sort my current project into the pretty basket I’ve chosen for it… at least for the photo! After I’m done, I’ll likely have to stash it out of kid reach!

I’d love to see a part of your crochet or crafting story, too! Share your photo on Instagram with our #craftographer hashtag and please tag @SaltyPearlCrochet in it. Maybe I’ll get some new ideas for organizing my little corner of our house, too!

Warm Wishes,


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