Craftographer Challenge: January 4- Just Click!

As a mom, the most difficult part of craft photography has always been simply finding the time and motivation to pull out my camera. With two little ones, the logistics can be difficult to say the least!

This year, I committed to focus on taking one small positive action per day. Complaining takes the same amount of time as doing, without adding value to my life. So I encourage you to break the cycle with me! Choose to silence your doubts with positive movement toward your goals. For me, that means that I will dust off my dSLR, set up my light box, and just click!

Hop over to my Instagram account to see what I’ve captured for today, then upload your photo with the hashtag #craftographer and tag me @SaltyPearlCrochet so I can like and comment on yours as well!


Warm Wishes,


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